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Bar Code Solutions

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Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal Barcode Label Solutions


What is a Barcode, anyway?

A barcode is another way of representing numbers, letters, and symbols.  The barcode lines are much easier for the infrared beam in a barcode scanner to interpret than our "human-readable" characters.  Some barcodes have rigid specifications, like numeric-only, fixed length, etc.  Others are flexible - numbers, letters, and some symbols are o.k., and length can be variable.  Some are for a very specific purpose, i.e. the retail UPC barcode, and others are used almost anywhere.  The most common use is probably for part numbers.


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Able Label stocks over six hundred sizes, shapes, types & colors of thermal transfer labels & ribbons & direct thermal labels for Fargo, Datamax, Sato, Zebra, Eltron and Intermec. Call us for thermal transfer media compatibility with other thermal transfer printer manufacturers. We stock thermal transfer ribbons & labels, direct thermal labels, Mylar, polyester, Kimdura, polypropylene, piggyback and removable adhesive labels. Most orders ship within 24 hours and have small minimums.


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We recommend Able Label's Labels & Ribbons. Check them out at for Direct Thermal & Thermal Transfer Labels, Ribbons and Tags!

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 Updated June 15, 2020