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FAQ: How do I install Datamax I-CLASS FIRMWARE UPDATES?


Here is a suggestion for copying the .zs file to the printer (to update the firmware) , using the I-4208 printer model as an example:

Make sure the parallel cable is connected to the printer and to your computer's LPT1 port.

At the I-4208 printer's front panel, choose MENU and then go FORWARD to COMMUNICATIONS and then choose PARALLEL PORT A and set it for BI-DIRECTIONAL.

After you have confirmed this setting, and are back to the main menu screen, turn the printer power off.

Hold in the PAUSE and TEST buttons on the front, and turn the printer back on. Continue to hold button in during printer boot. In a few seconds, printer display should say "SEND SOFTWARE."

Make sure the .zs file is in your root directory,

and type the following at your computer's C:> COPY 4208PA~1.ZS LPT1

When you press ENTER after this command, the file should copy and the update should be completed.

After the update, restart your printer.

Then, if you get a "TOP OF FORM" or similar error (esp. on colored border labels),

just hold the FEED button in (on printer) for about 5 seconds to auto-calibrate for that color.

For updated firmware, go to or contact Able Label with your printer model and current firmware version.

Please let us know if you have questions.





 Updated June 15, 2020