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FAQ: Datamax Printer Fault Messages - 3 of 3



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Nothing happens when trying to print using a software program:


Ensure that the printer is at READY. Observe the Front Panel, if the READY light does not flash as you send the format check the protocol and port settings between the printer and host.


Poor print quality:





The printhead may need cleaning

Adjust the Heat and Print Speed settings through the Front Panel or by host commands

The media/ribbon combination may not be compatible

The Printhead Leveling Cam may be incorrectly adjusted

The Platen Roller may be dirty or worn

The Printhead Burn Line may need adjusting


Skips labels when printing:


Quick Media Calibration may be needed

The Media Sensor may be out of position - readjust the position

The format may be within 1/8 inch of the label’s edge. Try reducing or moving the format slightly.


Unable to print rotated text:



The characters may be formatted outside the label dimensions. Ensure the row/column values provide enough room for the height of the characters or bar code to be printed.  

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 Updated June 15, 2020