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FAQ: Datamax I-Class Printer Fault Messages - 1 of 3


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Top Of Form Fault


The printer could not find the TOF mark within the maxium label length setting or it found a TOF in an unexpected place.

If media is moving:

  1. Press the Feed Key. It may be necessary to recalibrate the printer; see page???
  2. The Media Sensor may be out of position. Readjust it; see Printer Support Doc#: 001
  3. The media may not be properly loaded. Reload media, also ensure that the Media Guide is positioned properly.
  4. The Leveling Cam may be improperly adjusted.
  5. The label may be longer then the default value for maxium length. Check the Media Settings/ Mexiumum Label Length.
  6. The Media Sensor may be obstructed. Check and carefully remove any obstruction(labels, paper, dust, adhesive, etc).

If media is not moving:

  1. The printed assembly may not be latched; close and lock it.




 Updated June 15, 2020