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FAQ: AL150 - My computer has a lockup after entering my password.



You may have an ACPI conflict with

You can still print labels , even if you get “locked up” after entering the password

just press CTRL+BREAK, then press ENTER, and you can continue in the program.

Probably cause: Sometimes it is necessary to disable “ACPI Power Management” if you are using Windows ’98 SE (Second Edition) or Windows ME –Microsoft says there is an incompatibility between the ACPI “standard” and some serial port functions. To permanently disable ACPI, follow the instructions we have provided to edit your Windows Registry.

You are welcome to call us if you need help finding out if your computer has this problem,

or you can just type the following command at your C:\>:

MODE COM1:96,n,8,1,p then press ENTER.

You may then see “resident portion of mode loaded” or a similar statement.

At the C:\> again type the same command:

MODE COM1:96,n,8,1,p then press ENTER.

If your computer is now locked up, you probably are subject to this ACPI conflict.

On the following page are the instructions for editing the registry to permanently resolve this conflict. 

Follow these instructions to edit your Windows Registry and permanently avoid lockups while starting AL150 software (if you have an ACPI Conflict in Win 98SE/ Win ME)

(Note: Your Windows Operating System’s Registry is a critical component of your system… an error or typo may disable your system! Creating a boot disk is recommended before proceeding.)

  • Close all programs, click your START button, then click on RUN (a small white text box should appear)
  • In the white text box, type in “REGEDIT” then click the “OK” button (this will bring up a new window with folders listed)
  • Click on the “+” next to the “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE” folder (this will expand the list to show the contents of this folder)
  • Click on the “+” next to the “System” folder
  • Click on the “+” next to the “CurrentControlSet” folder
  • Click on the “+” next to the “Services” folder
  • Click on the “+” next to the “VxD” folder
  • In the “VXD” folder, locate the folder named “VCOMM” and SINGLE click on the icon next to it.
  • In the right hand window, you will see an icon for “EnablePowerManagement” with “01 00 00 00” or “00 00 00 00” after it. If the number reads “01 00 00 00”* then:
  • DOUBLE click the “ENABLE POWER” icon to bring up a new window showing “0000 01 00 00 00”.
  • Change the # to “0000 00 00 00 00” by clicking near the “01” and deleting it, then typing “0”
  • Close all windows, reboot computer and test AL150 software.


* If the number reads “00 00 00 00” ALREADY or if the problem is not solved, contact Terry at Able Label.



Updated June 15, 2020