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FAQ: AL150 - Minimum System Requirements

  AL-150 Software MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS (New Windows-based Upgrade Info is provided at the bottom of this page as well.)

MS-DOS machine running DOS 5.0 or higher. Please note that Windows 95/98/ME are DOS-based and ARE compatible. DOS 4.x or lower is NOT compatible, NT-based OS: Windows NT/2000/XP are NOT compatible, & non-Microsoft DOS versions are NOT compatible.

1MB of RAM with 570 K (conventional) RAM free (Type MEM at your C:\> and look at “largest executable program size” to check your system.) C:\config.sys with “FILES=100”.  

Floppy drive for 3.5” HD 1.44MB disks***

Hard disk (local drive "C") with 10 megabytes of disk space available. AL150 file list (for moving to other DOS computer, or for a complete system backup) – C:\al*.bat, C:\del*.bat, C:\chk*.bat, C:\AL150\*.*, C:\PCX\*.pcx

One available serial port to be used with the Datamax (aka Fargo) thermal transfer label printer - It can be either a 9 or 25 pin (MALE) port (NOT THE SAME PORT AS YOUR LASER, INK JET, or DOT MATRIX PRINTER!) THIS PORT MAY LOCK UP IF YOU HAVE NORTON OR OTHER ANTI-VIRUS SOFTWARE ENABLED DURING PRINTING

One 25 pin (FEMALE) parallel port for the Sentinel Pro copy protection device - on your local workstation that you will print from. The station you install this Plug on is the only one you can print our labels from. Please note this port can also be used for a standard parallel printer or other parallel device (i.e. laser or dot matrix printer).

***AL150 Install Disks are no longer available!

New Windows-based Upgrade Info is below...


ALWIN Software MINIMUM System Requirements:


  • Windows 98SE, NT, 2000 or Windows XP Operating System (“OS”)
  • Windows User logged in with Administrator privileges
  • CD ROM drive capable of reading CD-R discs
  • Hard disk with 100 megabytes of disk space available
  • Datamax I-4208, or compatible 203dpi printer using dpl.
  • A parallel port available to be used with the Datamax printer (or other connectivity option for your configuration)
  • Datamax Windows Printer Driver installed (available at no charge with new printers or from the internet).
  • 15” monitor at 600 x 800 resolution


More info about our current Fastener Distributor Software, ALWIN:

ALWIN Fastener Distributor Software – Upgrade Info


For licensed AL150 Label System Users, your price to upgrade from your DOS program, AL150, to the Windows program, ALWIN, is discounted - usually about 50% of the Standard Price.



ALWIN is compatible with Windows XP, 2000, NT and 98SE. It is still easy for a fastener distributor to use, for box labels and bin labels. You can even import most part number data into ALWIN from your old AL150 program, but you may need a local technician or consultant to transfer the C:\AL150\*.dat files to your new computer for you. The software ships on 1 CD and includes a printed Software Manual / Logo Directory.

Contact us for the most current details and a quote. Since this is an upgrade price, you will be asked to return your old AL150 "Sentinel Pro Plug" after receiving the ALWIN upgrade.  (The "Sentinel Pro Plug" should be attached to the LPT1 parallel port on the computer with the AL150 software.)



Updated June 15, 2020