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FAQ: AL150 - How do I backup the part.dat file



There are many backup options available today, but one of the most secure and long-lasting is CDs (CD-Rs). Even if you copy your part.dat file to a floppy, we strongly recommend moving it to a CD-R for permanent and reliable storage or for transfer to a computer for use with our upgraded ALWIN program.

AL150 part number information is usually stored in C:\AL150\part.dat. Other data you might want to backup is contained in the .dat files in the same directory. Fastener graphics are in C:\PCX.


It is important to make a backup of your program periodically and before installing any AL-150 updates. This will help insure that you do not lose any important files, especially part numbers.

The only time you should install the update without first doing a backup, is if you do not have any data that has been added or changed in the system. If you are happy with all of our default settings and information, and don’t want to make a backup, you may go ahead with the update installation, but you may save time if you first write down the printer settings, displayed by pressing F4 at the screen you print labels from.

Be sure that you will be able to restore files from your backup , as you may lose all part # data if you cannot. You should also backup any custom logos in the PCX directory (C:\PCX\*.pcx).

NOTE: You may back up using any method that will give you the ability to restore the necessary files. There is a backup utility included with every Microsoft Operating System, but it may not be installed on your computer. Also, Microsoft backup utilities may not be compatible with older or newer backup/restore utilities, so take this into account if you plan to move your files to a different computer. Many third party backup/restore options are also available, including CD Burners, Zip drives, tape drives, and shareware utilities like WinZip.

Choose the backup method that suits your situation. Able Label can make some suggestions, but does not provide support for data backup of your computer system.

Files to Backup:

All files in the C:\AL150 folder.

It is also a good idea to backup (or copy to disk) the following files:



Updated June 15, 2020